Personality Development Education Subscription SaaS

Personality Development Education Subscription SaaS Mission Raise the Global Standard of Personality Development Problem There isn’t a way to teach people about personality development No one teaches us the required social skills in life Rather they are passively acquired through life in general Studies suggest that personality traits contribute more to success than IQ Solution Proactive content with AR/VR/AI Subscription based education software through apps Make sure no one is left behind

Manual Insight B2B

Manual Insight B2B Mission Standardize Profound Manuals between Enterprises Problem Manuals often share the same essences Manual insight should be more open between businesses to achieve advantages Enhance the overall value of all businesses Solution Intelligent manual recommendation with NLP AI Link analytics with specific manual as specific proposition bring git-like collaborative manual system to the company

O2O Classwork SaaS

O2O Classwork SaaS Mission Empower students and teachers to engage in the process of studying more in the age of artificial intelligence Problem Offline classwork is tedious and out-of-date Students should have the freedom of studying at their own pace through online content Teachers should gear towards more on aiding students who are stuck, and not on the same repetitive task of giving lectures Solution O2O solution for schools in general for a more 2020-like studying experience Seamless one-stop solution for transitioning from studying at home to studying with classmates at school Provide joy to students to unlock their full potential through ai-assisted learning experience

OSS Textbook Platform

OSS Textbook Platform Mission Open-source collaboration platform for academic textbooks Problem Academic textbooks are often outdated and can’t keep up with the innovation in 2020 It is difficult to improve on textbooks once they are published Rise of courses on github indicates that there is a need for this Solution Provide a open platform for individuals to collaborate and develop textbooks Money derived from them will be divided based on contribution OSS for the future of the world to the citizens

Essence Education Video

Essence Education Video Mission Empower the workforce through efficient learning process Problem Essence of any matter is ubiquitous, yet they are not easily acquirable The barrier and cost of learning is relatively high in the age of the smartphone Teaching and developing the workforce requires time and effort Solution Short-video based solution for enterprises for employee training Provide ubiquitous education with real action propositions Engage employees for a better workforce and culture

Memo Efficiency Hardware

Memo Efficiency Hardware Mission Open the possibility of memos through dedicated software Problem Analog-like experience for memos are much needed Digital memos often hinder productivity Democratize efficient memo-taking Solution Proprietary solution for digital + analog memo taking Memo taking redefined through paper-like hardware with syncing capability Productivity-first memo solution

B2B Sales Training

B2B Sales Training Mission Empower enterprises sales with proprietary sales training Problem Sales training is rather individualistic than systematic Sales training requires pragmatic practice Enterprises are missing out on quantitative approaches Solution Potential for individual custom training is very high Enterprises can visualize training data regarding the process “Process” is much as important as the “Result”

Personal Knowledge Assistance

Personal Knowledge Assistance Mission Bring back the power of knowledge to the people Problem Knowledge in general is in a steep decline due to the advent of the internet Memorization skills are heavily under-utilized No best-practice method for building personal habits Solution All-in-one solution for building personal learning habits Anki-like flashcard solution for multiple platforms Powerful extensions to customize your experience to your own needs