Personality Development Education Subscription SaaS

Personality Development Education Subscription SaaS Mission Raise the Global Standard of Personality Development Problem There isn’t a way to teach people about personality development No one teaches us the required social skills in life Rather they are passively acquired through life in general Studies suggest that personality traits contribute more to success than IQ Solution Proactive content with AR/VR/AI Subscription based education software through apps Make sure no one is left behind

Consumer Brand Tech

Consumer Brand Tech Mission Lower the Barrier for Individuals to Create Their Own Brands Problem SNS age has made it somewhat mandatory for people to establish themselves and have a brand Yet consumers depend on multiple design tools that are relatively expensive brand-tech is not yet established in the market Solution Consumer-first brand-tech to support creators Unified brand-tech app platform Help individuals conquer brand marketing through analytics

Individual Analytics Platform

Individual Analytics Platform Mission Democratize Analytics for Individuals Problem Analytics are in the hands of conglomerates No unified solution for personal data & analytics DevOps & MLOps -> LifeOps Solution LifeOps as a Service through individual analytics Aggregate personal data into their own hands with their control Develop individual’s abilities/attributes/skills/ as a service

VISA Application SaaS

VISA Application SaaS Mission Simplify the tiring visa application process for both ends Problem Visa application takes a long time -> outdated Energy consuming for both ends of parties The standard is rather subjective Solution Use AI to predict if applicant is likely to be accepted or not Legaltech can be worked with conjunction Govetech like solution to streamline the entire process in the future

HR SNS Scout

HR SNS Scout Mission Discover hidden talent otherwise unreachable Problem Open SNS data is fully not utilized for HR The talent market should exist other than platforms like Linkedin Creativity, marketing, sales abilities are underrated Solution Create an agency to discover hidden talent through valuable SNS data Retrieve personal info if user under consent Open profile analytics to quantitatively measure & compete against others

Fantasy Startup Platform

Fantasy Startup Platform Mission Bring the joy of fantasy sports into the startup world Problem The startup ecosystem is rather a closed environment Normal people do not have direct channels to fund startups The fund-raising situation should be more open towards the public Solution Mixture of fantasy sports and crowdfunding to the startup universe OSS-like platform for startups Equity holders are more distributed and diverse

Remote Workforce Management

Remote Workforce Management Mission Drive the community towards remote work through better support geared towards individuals Problem Transitioning to remote work requires high-diligence which is dependant on the individual Remote work environment often isn’t suitable for productivity Management is impossible to overlook on the individual when in remote work environments Solution Provide a one-stop solution for the enterprise and the individual to manage workload for remote work through O2O solutions Offline locations for remote workers and provide workers' analytics for enterprises Open up opportunities for diverse workforce through global locations

SNS Team SaaS

SNS Team SaaS Mission SNS Team SaaS Problem No integrated solution to form teams easily through SNS Team collaboration requires a trusted third party in between No easily-integrated solution with Twitter Solution World’s first Twitter-first solution to collaborate with teams Easy collaboration with rating functionality for both sides Bidding, equity, revenue-sharing simplified for the team work

Presentation Video Software

Presentation Video Software Mission Provide the world’s easiest solution for making videos with your own presentations Problem Video editing, specifically in presentations, are full of repetitive tasks Niche sector is not yet met with adequate solution Video editing isn’t utilizing the level of internet and AI enough in 2020 Solution Automatic custom subtitles for your videos Generate fun & intuitive transitions for your videos Allow creators to focus on the content, not the editing

Video Editing Platform

Video Editing Platform Mission Establish a place for creators to match with others for even more creative content Problem Video editing is at a all-time high demand, yet there isn’t a platform to match the editors with the creators No place to quantitatively measure video editing talent Video editing is rather expensive - there are more potential opportunities out there Solution All-in-one platform for matching creators with video-editors Streamlined process from content creation to production with useful tools Metrics to quantitatively measure talent and satisfaction based on performance

Todo Collaborative SaaS

Todo Collaborative SaaS Mission Empower the people to get things done as possible Problem It is hard for people to execute things thoroughly There is not enough practical knowledge for people to execute tasks as efficiently as possible Not utilizing human characteristics for driving action Solution Systematically empower people to execute their tasks as efficient as possible Declare something to get it done and if not, there will be a punishment that is effective of your choice Collaborative environment to spread it through viral marketing

Youtube Collaborating on Autopilot

Youtube Collaborating on Autopilot Mission All-in-one solution to maximize your creativity on the world’s largest platform Problem Youtube collaborating is rather hard There is no one-stop solution for video-editing based team work tool Data & Analytics specialized towards specific Youtubers Solution One-stop platform for all creators to maximize productivity Realize the world where people can establish play as work Enterprise sponsor bidding also included within the platform

D2C Targeting Protection

D2C Targeting Protection Mission Free targeted users from buying bloatware products Problem Target ads lead to individuals purchasing unnecessary goods D2C & drop-shipping not always provide genuine quality as advertised Users are deceived constantly through crafty ads Solution Protect consumers from buying bloatware through financial platform detection Add a layer of protection towards consuming Incentivize users to collaborate onto discovering the real high-quality genuine products

Eradicate Repetitive Tasks

Eradicate Repetitive Tasks Mission Eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks from the face of the planet Problem Repetitive tasks still exist in the futuristic world of 2020 No solution whatsoever for typical households Same tasks should be eliminated at least in the software world Solution SOTA NLP Artificial Intelligence for automating repetitive tasks Solution for students to provide useless report tasks replace by AI Free the people to focus on what matters most

Video Interface Collaboration

Video Interface Collaboration Mission Grow team collaboration through video-first team communication platform Problem Text based team collaboration is not fun and messy Video-first team communication platform doesn’t exist Athletes, Videographers should be able to communicate solely through video-first team communication platform Solution Take the best out of remote and offline work environments Video-first communication should be always easy in multiple platforms Share, check, note ideas directly through video-format

Consumer First Influencer

Consumer First Influencer Mission Bring out the power of non-influencers for a better and generic consumer experience Problem Marketing utilizing influencers are becoming out of fashion - too fancy Hidden need for normal people to sponsor generic content Influencer’s lives are not within the reach of normal people Solution Have normal people provide authentic reviews for generic feedback & marketing Let close friends influence your consumer experience, not elaborate celebrities More authentic reviews to provide truthful consumer experiences

Risk Management Platform for Industry Leading Talent

Risk Management Platform for Industry Leading Talent Mission Manage risks wisely with industry-leading knowledge and talent Problem Time-consuming to reach to top-tier talent for risk management cases No platform available for companies to engage in risk-management continuously Risk management is continuously being underlooked, but in reality is really important for all Solution Reach out to industry-leading talent through our platform easily through software Enables you to seek multiple views from top-tier talent like never before Get insight on the sectors that has the potential to damage your business in the long run

Support Challenges for Individuals

Support Challenges for Individuals Mission Provide sufficient support for people who are passionate about their needs Problem Challenges are not always supported for individuals that are the not of the most fortunate Individuals tend to be in their comfort zone because of the natural human function Surplus money are not heading into the individuals who are heavily in need Solution Provide a one-stop solution for individuals to gain support through challenging actions Gain insight on your daily actions for why they are not connecting to your goals Take measure on your life through financial backup and AI-powered critical advisory

Life Advisor Match

Life Advisor Match Mission Empower yourself with critical knowledge spanning from multiple generation Problem Knowledge from previous generations is being heavily underutilized Millennials do not have access to profound opinions from the elderly Constantly exposed to unproductive yet addictive content Solution Free yourself from addictive content through seeking advisory from life’s eldest Gain critical insight from the upper generation through personal mentoring Utilize the power of profound knowledge through interpersonal connections through the platform

CEO Workflow SaaS

CEO Workflow SaaS Mission Empower the CEO through industry-proven workflow and analytics Problem Routine work is still true for CEOs -> should be eliminated in 2020 Insightful data is not easily reachable especially for young businesses Not able to access insightful analytics about different aspects of the company Solution Enable CEOs to focus on the most important strategic work towards the company’s future Reproducible workflows proven by leading CEOs with SaaS and customization Unreachable and insightful analytics to boost your business by a mile

2-way Stream Grind

2-way Stream Grind Mission Empower individuals to discover the joy of grind through a completely new interface Problem grind is not considered as important & cool as back in the day grind is not as effective as alone compared to when with others grind not as realistic online with others Solution Provide a 2-way grind interface for individuals to focus on their profession more Incentivize users to grind more through social challenges Other grind support is necessary in order to conduct your biggest challenge

Emotional Reminisce SaaS

Emotional Reminisce SaaS Mission Revive those emotional moments to keep you driving throughout the day Problem Emotions are not perpetual and are rather volatile Moments disappear with time, people, and emotion itself Motivation cannot be easily acquired throughout the day, needs an occasional burst Solution Revive those moments as a driving force for yourself Invite and share with others for more realistic and pragmatic driving force Constantly remind yourself why you are doing this as your daily physiological passion

Chatbot First Research

Chatbot First Research Mission Modern-day research platform realized through Chatbots Problem Research (polls) are extremely out-of-date Traditional polls are utilizing specified software on under-performing platforms Chatbots are being under-utilized in areas other than marketing Solution Sampling made possible through modern data technology SaaS to analyze the effectiveness of real data Effective research made possible through real genuine data

OSS History Visualization

OSS History Visualization Mission Provide the greatest insights for all open source projects Problem Difficult to get critical insights regarding oss projects Github visualization along with UI/UX is very poor Insight is necessary to provide lessons for future projects Solution One-stop solution for businesses to get insightful information for open source projects Individuals to motivate themselves to look back into their history Open source utilized to connect to the offline world through rich history insight

Slack for Video

Slack for Video Mission Empower creators & athletes for a more video-first chat workspace Problem Modern-day work chat (Slack, Microsoft Teams) is centered around text 5G should enable users a more video-centered interface Difficult to communicate around video-first propositions Solution A cutting-edge solution for video-first creators Editing, marking made easily directly on video Have a more user-friendly yet exciting work experience

Club O2O Queue Social Music App

Club O2O Queue Social Music App Mission Connect the virtual world to reality for music empowerment Problem Music industry is heavily biased towards individuals Not being able to implement user’s hidden needs(song setlist) Music experience is generally not interactive at all Solution Provide a more 2020-like experience to real-world music industries Empower the people, for the music to open more possibilities Enable people to vote on the next songs playing offline for a more immersive music experience

Self-Driving Key SaaS (Tackle Potential Problems)

Self-Driving Key SaaS (Tackle Potential Problems) Mission Open the full potential of self-driving cars through distributed key management Problem Self-driving cars are here to come, yet they lack the flexibility of car fleets Maintenance, chores of self-driving cars still a potential issue Complete mystery for potential problems that companies will face in the self-driving car age Solution Tackle problems for futuristic self-driving cars through distributed key management Lower the entrance for organizing self-driving car fleets Grow customer engagement rates with all-in-one flexible solution

Validate Idea Checker

Validate Idea Checker Mission Free people from making the same mistakes as the past Problem People make the same mistakes & ideas from time to time No platform to search for queried structured information regarding ideas No common practices associated with validating them Solution Idea checker to not repeat the same mistakes over and over Integrate best practice wisdoms with the power of AI Validate and quantify ideas with market capacity, forecast, estimation

Slack for Gaming

Slack for Gaming Mission Revolutionize team communication through 2020-like UI/UX tailored specifically for gamers Problem Gamin communication is not necessarily optimized like streaming Team collaboration in gaming is a pain in the ass Dedicated communications platform for gamers to communicate through proprietary interface Solution Slack for gaming to aid teh performance for teams in general Advanced in-time screen & video based collaboration tools Gaming-first tools for advanced insight, analytics, and sharing

SaaS Waste Management

SaaS Waste Management Mission Optimize the SaaS workforce through dedicated waste management Problem SaaS subscription is becoming essential for many enterprises SaaS is not often optimized for the organization itself Potentially huge waste in resources dedicated to proprietary SaaS Solution All-in-one solution for dedicated SaaS management Visualization for SaaS utilization across the organization Optimize SaaS with direct mentions from your workforce